CFTC’s proposals : our commitment to working for you

18 novembre 2021

Stimulating job creation in France

  • Encouraging Schneider to stop investing in countries that do not respect human rights and that lack freedom of expression in line with Schneider's ethical values
  • Convince Schneider to reinvest in France to develop new technologies, protect our expertise and regain autonomy and independence, including in production

Championing fairer pay and increasing the matching contribution

  • Secure overall increases for everyone and individual increases in line with the actual performance of the company and the employee
  • Increase the matching contribution on profit-sharing and incentives from €1,404 to €2,000, with 200% of the first €500 matched to help employees on the lowest incomes
  • Integrate the variable element of salaries (STIP/SIP) into the basic salary, for employees who want to do so, in order to avoid the arbitrary “management calls”.
  • Increase the number of days that can be added to the Time Savings Account and be able to use them whenever we want.
  • Get a revaluation of the employer participation in the company restaurants sites (frozen since 2014)

Rethinking remote working

  • Make remote working terms more flexible: annualize it, offering ambitious training plans with the ability to take days whenever you want (including ½ days) and increase it with a third day
  • Receive compensation for the cost of energy usage and meals for each day worked remotely
  • Grant work-study employees a number of days of “occasional remote work” in a specific company agreement as their status means they don’t benefit from the current agreement

Recognising the value Rethinking remote working of teamswork and offering ambitious training plans

  • Get rid of individual Annual Reviews to place more importance on teamwork and no longer pit employees against each other
  • Negotiate ambitious training plans to give all employees promising development opportunities

Esuring Schneider fulfills its social commitments

  • Payment by Schneider for part-time workers (e.g.parental leave, informal caregivers, etc.) of pension contributions based on full-time work to ensure they receive a decent pension
  • Encourage Schneider to go further in its social responsibility, for example, in the event of family violence, quickly offering an equivalent position to the employee concerned at another location in France

Continuing the transformation of the Social and Cultural Activities of the Grenoble CSE

  • Consider train journeys to favor less polluting forms of transport
  • Offer the option of spreading holiday payments over time ​
  • Continue to redistribute reserves in the form of gift vouchers
  • Negotiate preferential rates and offer tailored exercise options (ski passes, memberships for swimming pools, gyms, etc.)
  • Budget mutualization  for children and families to give employees freedom in how they spend it
  • Offer up-to-date cultural options: contributions to Spotify and Netflix subscriptions, culture vouchers, etc.
  • Take out library subscriptions for sites without one, open libraries with volunteers
  • Help open new sections (e.g. music)
  • Adjust the CESU limit based on family composition
  • Continue to keep the operating costs of CSE Grenoble under control