The 2022 salary plan must be exceptional and consistent with the company's excellent performance

05 janvier 2022

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The economic indicators with the announced performance of the group in 2021 legitimate the high expectations for the salary negotiations

An economical situation specific in France in 2021 : growth record since 1969

  • Strong GDP growth 6,7 % in 2021 and 4% in 2022
  • A strong inflation rate of 2,8% in 2021 (not reached since 2008)
  • A forecasted inflation rate of 2,2% in 2020 (source BCE)

For information in 2008 with a 2,8 % inflation rate, the salary plan was at 3,5 %

An exceptional year for Schneider-Electric

2021 will be the best year as ever. Targets have been confirmed by the management in October.

  • An expected growth between 9 and 13 % for the group
  • Expected growth for France Ops should be around 15% despite the raw material issues which impact the deliveries.
  • The EBITA is closed to 17% (performance expected in 2022) vs 15,6% in 2020

The raw material increase impacts all the companies but also the individuals. Schneider has increased the prices 4 times in 2021, a new price up action is planned in January 2022. Numerous price increases have been announced for 2022 (energy, food, furniture…). These increases will finally impact Schneider employees.

It is the employees who contribute to Schneider's performance in this respect, the salary plan must match the results!

The order portfolio is well filled, Schneider plans an organic growth between 5 and 8% in 2022 and 2024 linked to a regular increase of the EBITA.

The 2021 salary plan has been built on a 0,6% inflation rate hypothesis, in fact, it will be 2,8% YTD
Savings will be realized on the sales SIP, due to the adjustment done on the max.
The incentive to be paid in 2022 (for 2021) will be low (<6%) due to the low performance of GSC
(raw material impact and high price of electronics)


The CFTC requests a 5 % salary increase plan splitted in :

  • General increase of 3,5 % for all people

  • 1,4% for individual increases

  • 0,1% to resorb the woman and man discrepancies

  • Additional requests: 2000€ instead of 1404€ as matching contribution, increase the canteen participation (unchanged since 2014), integration of the STIP in the salary.