Update: 2nd negotiation of the home-office agreement

11 février 2022

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Management has started negotiations on home-office agreement with a desire to make a larger number of people eligible for it. It also hopes to merge the “2018 home-office agreement” with the "2009 independent vendor” agreement.

Four statutes in a single agreement

Field representatives under the current “Independent vendor agreement” have a specific pay arrangement put in place in 2009 when many sales offices were closed. Their status means that they need to arrange their home to be able to work in a good way.

Some interesting progress for office-based personnel...

  • a fixed 8 days monthly to be distributed freely for people working in tertiary offices4
  • 10 additional days , taken in 1/2 days
  • home-office eligibility for office-based people in logistics and production (GSC job code to be defined)
  • the generalization of the home-office package with the addition of a fixed screen

... but contribution proposals still too little and an indefensible retrograde step in pay conditions for vendors

Field vendors who do not yet have the status of “independent vendor” are the big losers in this scenario. The pay proposal which would go from €215 (gross) to €23 (net) per month, does not cover costs incurred for making a workspace at home.

Consideration needed to address the specific situation of service technicians

To include this specific role, some very important points need to be resolved, namely: management of shared equipment, storage before interventions, insurance issues, recompense for travel time (office/home) before customer interventions, etc.
The status of “itinerant worker” as proposed by management only resolves the insurance issue in the event of an accident at home which is a reality not currently recognised.

So far, Schneider has managed 'small agencies' closures acceptation by offering the status of autonomous vendors to the staff concerned. New closures seem to be planned, and the proposal of this new status, for which the compensation is too low, will probably not be enough to keep the skills. Moreover, service technicians are among the jobs that are in short supply and difficult to recruit. It is unlikely that €70/year will be enough to keep them in the company and offset the disadvantages of this new status if it becomes mandatory.

For the CFTC, there is some progress but still insufficient progress in terms of number of days and compensation.

With its proposals, management is downgrading the financial compensation of vendors. Compensation that is justified by the specificities of their job.