Wage negotiation, a three act show organized by the management: Hypocrisy, trickery and blackmail!

14 janvier 2022

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The strong mobilization of the employees in the plants and the significant participation in the online petition made it possible to obtain, in total, 0.6 additional points. Thanks to you.
The final proposal of the management is still far from the expectations of the employees.

The hypocrisy of a management minimizing the economical situation!

Here are the facts :

  • A 2.8 % Inflation at the end of 2021 (petrol, electricity and food prices increases...) should continue in 2022 but the management only retains an inflation of 1.64%. And yet, they based the Schneider tariff increases on a 2.8% inflation rate.
  • At the same time, Schneider self-congratulates on the exceptional results raised thanks to everyone's efforts, but without rewarding employees.

The trick!

After an "I understand you...", the management comes back at the third meeting with 0.4 additional points!
At a "break », management granted an additional 0.2 points to reach 3.1% in the end.
It is clear that Schneider is more interested in its reputation and its "employer brand" than in recognizing employee’s effort.



And .... the coup de grâce!

  • The 3.1% proposal is only valid until 14 January at 4 pm.
  • Without union majority, management will come back to the initial proposal of 2.5%.

This "pseudo-negotiation" doesn’t correspond CAC 40 champion company, nor to the levels of the 2021 results and the 2022 ambitions

For the CFTC this proposal is sad in this strong growth context;
it is this year that Schneider should have followed Jean-Pascal TRICOIRE instructions:
​"Show ambition and go beyond the limits"
(Pulse France 01/2022)

The CFTC decides to sign the agreement mainly to allow the OATAMs to benefit at least from the general increase.

2022 01 Le theatre des negociations salariales 2022 2022 01 Le theatre des negociations salariales 2022