A necessary evolution of salaries to maintain purchasing power

08 octobre 2021

In January 2021, the trade unions negotiated with the Direction a Pay Plan of 1,5%, better than the 1,1% proposed by Direction..

As a reminder, the pay plan proposed an increase in the budget of 1.5%
• For (OATAM): General Increase (AG) 0.5%, Individual Increase (AI) 0.9%
• For engineers and managers (IC): Individual Increase (AI) 1.4%
• For gender equality OATAM and IC: 0.1%.
• As well as other measures (increase in minimum Schneider Electric pay (SMSE), seniority bonuses, meal allowance, negotiation of the time savings account (CET), etc.)

Today the economic situation justifies to discuss on this agreement :

Inflation is higher than expected

The pay plan, minimalist in January 2021 with an inflation forecast of 0.6% has become absurd as inflation will reach almost 2%.

Minimum wage (SMIC) increased by 3,2% in 2021 including 2,2% in October

For the first time since 2011, inflation of more than 2% means an automatic increase in the minimum wage (SMIC).

Schneider’s growth in France is considerably more than the most optimistic forecasts

In January the growth forecast was 7.5%. At the end of July, in response to the significant increase in sales, Management decided to raise the maximum limit of the salespeople’s Sales Incentive Plan (SIP) by 15 points to 32% based on the turnover growth criteria.
Employees in all departments have to cope with this significant growth as recruitment has been delayed and is insufficient.
Growth in France will allow for an increase in the total payroll to be absorbed.

Schneider states in its pay policy guidelines that a pay plan must preserve the purchasing power of employees.

With an increase in salaries that is lower than inflation, Schneider is not fulfilling its commitments..

The CFTC demands a salary adjustment of at least 1.5% for all employees.

The CFTC invites the other union organizations to join this request to reopen negotiations

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